Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sheena - OOAK Polymer Clay BJD

Sheena is a OOAK Polymer Clay ball jointed doll with double joints.
Sheena was made to bring Courage to Your life, when You don't feel brave her presence shall remind you of Your courage and that You must take one step towards Your goal and You will be one step closer to achieving Your goal. Overall information about my Dolls: Even though I allow the dolls to gain their own character and their own way of being I still follow my own artistic guidelines with sizing and the moving mechanism. All parts of the doll are made with Polymer clay, their hair is Mohair. They are paineted with acrilic paints and with pigments similar to make up pigments. They all are double jointed dolls. Some of their joints are lined with leather for better compositions and they are strung with handmade hooks with elastics for flexibility. Each doll is made in many stages and it takes between 60 to 80 hours to make a nude doll. Their heads and hands are formed to bring out their characteristics, all the parts along with the hand and the face are then painted. Their hair is dyed and prepared to be made into a wig to attach it to the dolls head. The doll is strung and ready to pose in any natural position. I am not looking for perfection in my dolls as "perfection" is already achieved the moment the doll becomes whole and gains a character, it happens just like with each and everyone one of us the moment we are born.
This doll is 14cm (5.5 in)
Her hair was hand died with Mohair dies, making it extremely unique.
Doll stand with a help of her own stand made of wood and copper
She also has her own box where it is secured (for safe shipping).
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