Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hello One of a Kind Doll Lovers! On this blog you will see OOAK Polymer Clay Dolls made by me in my little studio at home. These dolls are very special to me and maybe some day they will be special to you. It is hard to describe the satisfaction of being a creator of a new "thing", it is even harder to describe a satisfaction of being a creator of a doll with a character. All the work and hours put into it, pay off when you relalize that the doll has been completed and has it's own unique character. All of them come through me, however often times I feel they create themselves. Many times the original design is altered during the process of making a doll as it often seems the doll knows what she wantes to be. My strong belief is that everything happens for a reason and I believe that each doll is created in a certain way for a reason. That one person, it might be you who is reading this right now, will see the doll and will know that this doll was created just for them. My adventure with clay began when I was just a little girl, my grandmother knew I was very artisctic from when I was just a few years old. She saw me draw and design as well as work with crafts and when she discovered polymer clay she decided to give it to me to see what I would create out of it. Up until this day I remember the very first thing I made out of the clay, I must have been about 5 or 6 at the time. Since then she would buy me boxes of clay and I would create various items such as animals, little dolls, and just about anything you could imagine. I have not gone to school for art and have not taken art courses which might not look great in many people's eyes however, I always believed that my skills are not learned, they just have always sort of been there. As an artist and as a person in an everyday life I have a hard time doing the same thing twice. This is something I bring out in my dolls, none of them look the same, they are all individual, just like each of us. Now, I am glad to be sharing my art, my passion and my life with all of you. It feels great to be connected to people that have the same passion for art dolls as I do. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy it and find it as fascinating as I do.

Cheers! xoxo

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